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It's definitely the dressing that makes this salad special, a great combination of sweet and spicy!

For as many years as I can remember, I have been making this Caesar Salad for family potlucks. My brothers have renamed it the "Garlic Salad" because the dressing is definitely full of the fresh garlic flavor. Decrease the amount of garlic if you don't like it quite so pungent.

Be forewarned, the flavor of this salad is rather addictive; it has a satisfying Asian flair but it was uncomplicated and scrumptious. We have prepared this salad with dried cranberries instead of the cherries and it was remarkable also!

My nephew and his wife recently brought this salad to a family gathering. It is from a Jamie Oliver cookbook and so quick if you have a mandolin slicer. When we made this last week-end we used apples that someone shared from thier tree so now I've had it with both apple and pear and both are fantastic and raw beets are another nutrition powerhouse.

The following recipe is from the Fine Cooking Magazine. It is a fabulous way to serve up the plentiful cucumbers that we enjoy in the fall. It is especially delicious with the fresh herbs although the dried dill and mint are good too.

This is one of the standard Middle Eastern salad that used lots of fresh parsley and mint, a nice fresh summery flavour.

This recipe dates back to when Ron & I were first married, it was my first spinach salad and although we make various other salads with spinach we still enjoy this one very much. It is a heavier main-dish salad.

This was one of my first non-lettuce salad and a what an introduction to thinking outside the box! This is how we prepare the first fresh beans from the garden. The recipe looks way more complicated than it truly is!

This salad is loaded with crunch. The combination of kale, carrots, cabbage and seeds makes a salad that is audibly delicious. Kale is extremely good for you, but make sure you chop it finely. Makes 8-10 servings Prep time: 30 min

The following is the standard salad dressing at our house. It is very flavorful and keeps well in the fridge for a month. For a delcious variation I use pesto instead of the basil and oregano. (not sure about the exact quantity of pesto, probably 2-3tbsp)

This was a remake of a Fine Cookiing recipe, we sometimes add a layer of sliced olives, cooked corn kernels or red/green pepper strips to this salad. Improvise and have fun creating and eating it!

A marvelous way to use up the fresh beans in season! We also make this in the winter with frozen beans. We freeze packages of mixed yellow and green beans. This salad is prettiest if you use a variety of colorful beans.

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