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Community Shared Agriculture or Shared Farming is what we have called our CSA right from the start.  We prefer this definition because Community is the people who support the farm and Agriculture is the farm and its products but the Shared represents what we sell (a share), it also represents the shared risks, shared rewards, and shared responsibility and….the sharing and dividing of the produce from that farm.


 At Tipi Creek Farm we have been growing and marketing vegetables under the CSA banner since 1994.  It is a growing and marketing method that we are devoted to.  CSA represents a trust agreement between the farmer and the families who consume the farm’s produce.  Farm shares are purchased in the springtime.  They represent the share family’s annual commitment to support the local farm.  It entitles them to receive fresh, delicious, naturally grown, vegetables, delivered weekly to an in-town location. This arrangement is fantastic for the consumer because it connects directly them to the source of their food; it gives them access to the farm and opportunities to participate in the growing process.  For the farmer it is also great arrangement….the shares provide cashflow in the springtime.  Secondly the market for the upcoming crop is secured regardless of the yield.  This gives the farmer the freedom to manage the vegetable production with integrity.  The farmer and the consumer are joint partners in responsible land stewardship and both share the risks and rewards of vegetable farming.


Want to buy a share?
If you want to join the other families involved in our Community Shared Agriculture farm, please contact us for share details and availability.


How we do CSA at Tipi Creek...

The share will consist of seasonal vegetables for salads and a generous assortment of other vegetables to nourish a family of 2 adults and 2 - 3 children for the week. This would replace your trip to the Farmer's Market but would not usually provide large quantities for preserving.


Our regular harvest (usually a total of 12 weeks) begins in late June/early July with  leafy greens, salad fixings and selected herbs. By mid-summer your baskets will overflow with large assortments and quantities of vegetables. The fall harvest will change to include leek, cool crops and squash. At the Harvest Day, whatever is yet unharvested will be dug up and divided amongst the share families. Expect to go home with a BIG haul to feed your family through the fall.


Each season there are likely to be some crops that do exceptionally well and others which produce less than expected, a shortage of one crop is usually balanced by a surplus of another.



What's growing this year...





Beans (2 varieties)
Beets (2 varieties)
Cabbage (green & red)

Corn (2 varieties)
Cucumbers (Mini English)
Fresh Herbs*
Garlic and garlic scapes
Green Onions

Lettuce (4 varieties)
Onions (2 varieties)


Peas (snap peas)
Potatoes (5 + varieties)
Pumpkin (2 Varieties)
Radishes (2 varieties)

Squash (5 varieties)
Swiss Chard
Zucchini (2 varieties)





*Fresh herbs include parsley, basil, dill and cilantro.


*Surprises include vegetable varieties that we are experimenting with. The melons should probably fall into this category because we are always surprised when we get them!






Share pricing for 2019:

Delivering the Goods...


The vegetables will be harvested for Wednesday delivery to 15805 - 94A Ave. in West Edmonton. The pick-up time is from 10:00 to 11:30 AM. Farm pick-up is also available on Tuesday night from 8:30 -9:15 PM.

When you purchase a share you assume responsibility for picking it up at the agreed time and place. Call if you are going to be late; we will bag your vegetables and leave them at the pick-up point for you. Vegetables will not be left if you have not contacted us.



Share pricing for 2022:

$820 for a family share

Payment plan available


Want to purchase a share? 

Contact us

for availability and to reserve a share.

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