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Recent Recipe Additions

Here are the most recent additions to our Recipe Collection.

This is my start of the day smoothie, this is the basic recipe and I change it up with whatever fruit, and berries I have on hand. Same recipe but a new flavour every day.

The following is the bruschetta recipe our family loves. It is absolutely fabulous and we seldom have any leftovers.

The original recipe was from Canadian Living but we have taken this recipe and adapted it to just about any fruit we have on hand just stay with the 3 cups of fruit per recipe or else it will bubble over. We have tried raspberry and peach, raspberry and rhubarb, sour cherry and apple; use whatever fruit combination you family enjoys and explore. The blueberries are amazing too so don't miss out on those when they are in season. We have also substituted lemon zest and lemon juice for the orange and it is fabulous. These squares are nearly fail-proof unless you over bake them. The filling is also delicious as a fruit topping for ice-cream, cheesecake or whatever else you can dream up. Delicious and excellent nutrition what a combination!

I was inspired to grow Pak Choi when we were out for Chinese food and experienced Cashew Chicken. It was so lovely and delicious that I decided to try and grow the Pak Choi and then copy the dish at home. It was chunks of chicken in a savory sauce with some vegetables and cashews served on a bed of steamed Pak Choi. Most of you are so experienced in the kitchen that you can make this up on your own from the above description but here is a recipe to guide you anyway.

For as many years as I can remember, I have been making this Caesar Salad for family potlucks. My brothers have renamed it the "Garlic Salad" because the dressing is definitely full of the fresh garlic flavor. Decrease the amount of garlic if you don't like it quite so pungent.

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