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Vegetables and Sides

Quick and delicious way to prepare beans and what an amazing aroma in the house while it is cooking!

Some of you are looking for innovative ways to enjoy the bountiful corn so give this method a try, you won't be disappointed! This one is so delicious and works well as a brunch dish with the potatoes and pepper. If you have some cooked potatoes on hand use those instead of the raw potato, that really speeds things up.

Often zucchini, corn and mint are all growing at the same time, this is not your usual way to bring these flavours together but do try it this is yummy!

The carrots can be sliced diagonally or cut into sticks; the idea is to make the pieces the same size so that they cook evenly.

This is the perfect recipe for the summer time when we have an abundance of both yellow and green zucchini.

This is another easy and flavorful way to prepare beans; it has the distinct nutty taste of the brown butter which is enhanced by toasted pine nuts.

In a recent issue of the Fine Cooking magazine there was an article on "Cooking Green Beans For More Flavour". The technique involves heating oil or butter in a pan, adding aromatic ingredients like onion, and then adding the green beans along with a liquid, simmering the beans just long enough for them to collapse and slightly wrinkle.
We had only ever steamed beans and added seasoning or sauce before this. This is well worth the effort!

Another great bean recipe from the Fine Cooking feature on cooking fresh beans!

The feta that we use is Macedonian or Greek Style Creamy feta, if you can't find that type try mixing some cream cheese with your feta to make it creamier for this recipe. These can be made ahead, refrigerated and broiled briefly prior to serving. Serve these as appetizers or as a side dish.

This is another Fine Cooking favorite of ours.

This is a simple, country way to prepare the humble leek. Delicious and easy!

At our house the first new potatoes are prepared in the traditional Ukrainian way, with cream and dill. There is no way that a person could eat potatoes this way all summer long but they are a treat. Also I have learned to steam potatoes, all potatoes and especially the new potatoes; this method gives the absolute best taste and retains the most nutrients; give it a try you'll be amazed!

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