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Preserved Dill and Onion Greens

This is a traditional Mennonite recipe for preserving the dill for winter use. It is very simple and a fantastic way to retain the fresh dill flavor.

Equal portions of dill and onion greens at least 1 cup each

Coarse sea salt or kosher salt about 2 -3 tbsp depending on how much dill/onion you have.

Wash the dill and dry thoroughly in a salad dryer or on a towel. Do the same with the onion greens. Chop the dill and onion greens very fine and put into a glass or stainless steel bowl. Starting with 1 tbsp. coarse salt, knead the mixture in a pressing and squeezing motion until the juices start to develop. If it still seems dry after 2 - 3 minutes add more salt and continue working it until it resembles a paste. Pack the paste in hot clean jars; these don't have to be canning jars just small food grade jars with a lid. Scrunch a piece of plastic wrap or parchment paper on top of the paste and close lid tightly. This can be kept in fridge for up to one month or frozen for winter use.

NB. Keep in mind that there is already salt with the dill so taste your sauces or soups prior to adding more salt.

The Preserved Dill and Green Onions can be used in New Potatoes in Cream, Polish Barley Soup and any other recipe that calls for fresh dill.

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