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Herbal Vinegar

This is the very basic recipe. Try single herb vinegars as well as combinations of herbs to create your special blends.

1 - 2 cups packed fresh herbs, washed and dried well

4 cups vinegar, wine-based vinegar or apple cider vinegar

Wash the herbs thoroughly and dry them using a salad spinner (water will turn you vinegar cloudy), then pack them into hot sterilized glass jar using a wooden spoon. Heat vinegar to almost boiling (warm vinegar releases the essential oils faster) and fill jar with vinegar, leaving 1 inch at the top. With a wooden spoon push the herbs down and lightly bruise them. Cover the top of the jar with plastic before putting the lid on to prevent chemical reactions between vinegar and metal. Screw the seal tight and let the herbs steep in a warm, dark place for 3 - 6 weeks, then strain through a paper coffee filter. Pour the clear vinegar into hot sterilized jars, add a few sprigs of fresh herbs for decoration and cap.

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