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Condiments and Sauces

There is an ever present concern about the risk of salmonella associated with the use of raw eggs. In the 25 years that I've made mayonnaise for my family it has not ever been a problem but you need to make that decision for yourself. This recipe is so fast and luscious it is hard to buy mayonnaise after you've had the homemade.

The following is the standard salad dressing at our house. It is very flavorful and keeps well in the fridge for a  month.  For a delcious variation I use pesto instead of the basil and oregano. (not sure about the exact quantity of pesto, probably 2-3tbsp)

This old-fashioned grainy mustard is very rustic looking and packs a good punch; a little drop will do ya!

A great flavour combination, with an oriental twist, will keep in the fridge for weeks.

This recipe is so good that you won't ever look at the bottled fruit vinaigrettes again. We have made it with raspberrries and it is just as successful and now I've just substituted mango for the berries and i think it was the best ever!

Serve this dip with pita bread for a scrumptious and nutritious snack. Forget about the low-fat or no fat yogurt for this recipe it will not thicken properly. Another reason to look forward to the abundance of cucumbers in August.

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